Edinburgh Magic Festival Review #Blogger
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MagiFest Gala: Levitations ~ #Review @Magicfest @LanyardMedia

On Saturday night I attended the closing gala for the Edinburgh Magic Festival.  It was a superb finish to a wonderful week of tremendous talent and breathtaking shows.

@kevinquantum was the host for Saturday evening at The Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.  He was engaging, funny and had the audience in his hands for the whole event. 


The evening featured the following magicians ~


Edinburgh Magic Festival Review #Blogger




Cubic Act 



Le Chapeaux Blancs



Aaron Crow 



download (1)
Bertox Magician 



Alan Hudson


The night’s entertainment was out of this world. It would be impossible to pick a favourite as they all brought something superb to the show. A fabulous end to the Magic Festival. I am already excited for what 2018 festival will bring!


Please check out their websites, give them a follow on Twitter and if they come to your area I wouldn’t hesitate to pop along to their shows.

HUGE muckle thanks to Gary @LanyardMedia for the opportunity to review.

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