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Hello Lovelies,
Today I am on the blog tour for The Watch House by Bernie McGill, I have a wee sneak peek extract for you to indulge in. Enjoy,
Kelly xoxo


In the vein of Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites, THE WATCH HOUSE by Bernie McGill is the story of the modern world arriving on Rathlin, a remote Irish island, at the very end of the nineteenth century, with dramatic consequences for a young woman named Nuala.

As the twentieth century dawns on the island of Rathlin, a place ravaged by storms and haunted by past tragedies, Nuala Byrne is faced with a difficult decision. Abandoned by her family for the new world, she receives a proposal from the island’s ageing tailor. For the price of a roof over her head, she accepts.

Meanwhile, the island is alive with gossip about the strangers who have arrived from the mainland, armed with mysterious equipment which can reportedly steal a person’s words and transmit them through thin air. When Nuala is sent to cook for these men – engineers, who have been sent to Rathlin by Marconi to conduct experiments in the use of wireless telegraphy – she encounters an Italian named Gabriel, who offers her the chance to equip herself with new skills and knowledge. As her friendship with Gabriel opens up horizons beyond the rocky and treacherous cliffs of her island home, Nuala begins to realise that her deal with the tailor was a bargain she should never have struck.

Sneak Peek 

Ginny McQuaid
Rathlin Island, April 1899
The face of her, grey as flint, lying there in the iron bed.
Such a lot of blood to birth one measly thing. Grainne Weir said she’d never seen
so much. ‘But Nuala Byrne is young and strong, she’ll get over it. Let her sleep.
the best tonic for her. We’ll give the child panada till she comes round.’
‘You’ll take a drop, Grainne? It’s been a long haul.
You’ll have a wee drop for your trouble?’
The way it came out, the veil still round its face. I’d never seen the like of it and
nor had the handywoman. Speechless, the pair of us, till she thought to wipe that
thing off its face with a scrap of muslin like you would a cobweb off a
windowpane. The yell it let out when its face appeared, fit to raise the dead. And
Nuala Byrne
in the bed moaning, only half sensible to what was going on.
‘What a thing,’ said Grainne Weir, after a sup, ‘for an islander to be born in the
caul. A child born like that, it can never be drowned,’ she said, quiet. Putting
curious notions into my head.

Nuala Byrne thinks that my oul eyes see nothing, that I didn’t know what was
going on the time she was up at the watch house. I had my suspicions, sure
enough. And
then, ‘There’ll be another mouth to feed in the spring,’ said she, innocent as you
like, rising from the fire, and our Ned the Tailor looking like she’d slapped him
the face, before he came round and smiled his big childish smile over at me like
he’d done something right after all. And her, blowing the breath out her nose like
the bellows in the forge pushing out air, like she’d gotten
away with it, like she’d fooled us all. She might have fooled the Tailor with her
story -making, with her telling of it the way she’d like us to believe it and not the
way it
was. Our Ned’s a good man but he’s an awful gam. God knows where he’d be
without me. Nearly six years between us, I’ve always had the care of him. For all I
know he believes he’s begotten a child by rubbing his chin on her face. But I’m
not fooled. Every morning since she’s stepped over that threshold I’ve checked
the sheets in the bed in the upper room and they’ve been as dry as if they’d just
been shook out off the hedge. If
there was to be another mouth to feed, I knew that mouth wasn’t the Tailor’s
doing and I’d a fair idea whose doing it was.


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Hunter By Monty Marsden @Aria_Fiction #SneakPeek #Crime #Thriller

Edinburgh Book Event (4)

Hello Lovelies,

Today on the blog I have Monty Marsden with an excerpt of his book Hunted.  Published by Aria Fiction on the 1st of July, 2017.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me on Twitter.

Kelly xoxo

Monty Marsden 

Marsden, Monty.jpg

Monty Marsden, a Tuscan by birth, grew up in Milan, where he studied medicine and still works. He lives in the province of Bergamo, with his wife and four children.

Hunted ~ Sneak Peek 

Sensi pulled out a drawer to find a bundle of photographs. He handed them across the desk to Claps.

“A white weapon. According to the pathologist who did the autopsy, they used a sharp kitchen knife,” Sensi said, while Claps began to look through the photos. “Like I said, there are twenty-two wounds, but only one of them was fatal. The others vary from light to deep cuts, but they weren’t lethal. Nothing that couldn’t have been fixed with a few stitches.”

“Were they all inflicted before death?”

“Yeah, apparently they were all inflicted while the victim was still alive. Once dead, she was left untouched. The murderer had a bit of fun first, and then he killed her quickly.”

“The fatal wound?”

“A violent, precise stab in the stomach, it must be somebody who knows how to use knives. The blade cut through the intestine and reached the aorta.” Sensi explained.

Sensi described this series of events in a neutral tone, without any emotions. Claps, on the other hand, was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of uneasiness as he thought about the blade cutting through the girl’s stomach. He felt disorientated, like never before. For that reason, he decided to change his focus to the girl’s face – she had pretty facial features, her eyes were big and light coloured. However, like those of any other dead person, they were totally devoid of expression. Claps thought that she must have been beautiful when she was alive. Then a sense of dizziness overtook him. For a few seconds, everything became blurred.

He would have to get used to this feeling, and soon.

He shook himself mentally so that he was able to ask another question.

“Did they suggest when exactly the victim was tortured with the stabbing?”

“She died at about 3 a.m. – the anatomopathologist thinks that her wounds weren’t made more than four hours before the time of death.”

“Okay, so the victim disappeared between seven and eight in the morning, but the murderer didn’t do anything to her until 11 p.m.”

“That’s right.”

“What about the sexual assault?”

“There’s no trace of penetration in her vagina – the victim was sodomised.”

Another wave of dizziness.

“Did the murderer leave anything behind?”

“They did, actually.” Sensi’s eyes shone with a light of satisfaction.

“A lot of sperm and pubic hairs. We have his DNA.”

After a moment of silence, Sensi spoke again.

“There’s something else that you should know… and that’s the reason why I was strongly urged to get you involved in this.”

Hunted - jacket

Book Jacket 

A gripping thriller full of twists you won’t see coming… The next thrilling serial killer read from the author of MISSING. Perfect for the fans of Angela Marsons and Jeffrey Deaver.

Seven years ago, psychiatrist Dr Claps assisted police in capturing Giacomo Riondino, a man accused of abducting, torturing and murdering two women. On arrest, tests had revealed that Riondino suffered from a rare and disturbing psychiatric condition and was sectioned.

Six years later, Riondino is on the run after escaping from a rehabilitation centre, leaving a trail of bloody murders his wake.

It is now a case for expert profiler Dr Claps and Commissioner Sensi to work together to track Riondino down before he kills again. Time is running out and the killer may be much closer than it seems…

You can order your copy here ~


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The Court Of Lions By Jane Johnson @JaneJohnsonBakr ‏ @HoZ_Books #SneakPeek

The Court Of Lions by Jane Johnson is published by Head Of Zeus books on the 6th of July 2017. It has one of the most breathtaking covers I have seen this year. It’s intricate details and shimmering gold spine make it stand out.  I am very lucky to have a sneak peek excerpt for you to indulge in.

Jane Johnson Colour JEG.jpg

JANE JOHNSON is a British novelist and publisher. She is the UK editor for George R.R. Martin, Robin Hobb and Dean Koontz and was for many years publisher of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Married to a Berber chef she met while researching The Tenth Gift, she lives in Cornwall and Morocco.

Court of Lions ~ Sneak Peek 

We made for Guadix, a long night’s ride to the east, where Momo’s mother had assured us we would be welcomed. Set in a desert of jagged limestone, bare earth and scrub below the Sierra Nevada, it was not a welcoming place, but I had rarely been so happy as when we entered that dour fortress.

Momo had been silent for most of the journey, and trotting along at an ever-increasing distance behind him on my mule, I was close to tears. But once we were inside those thick ochre walls our story fired its way around the town and soon everyone was talking about it. I was treated as a hero for my part in Momo’s daring escape and, after feeling very sorry for myself, was so carried away by all the flattery that I was able to put the disaster of the kiss to the back of my mind; I was in severe danger of bursting with pride. The young men of the town gathered around, chattering, praising God, slapping us on the back, delighted that Moulay Hasan and his brother had been outwitted. Some of them smiled at me and touched me lingeringly on the arm, drawing me aside to suggest a sunset walk later along the ramparts, a massage in the steam baths or that we explore the network of grottoes beyond the town walls. I was charmed to be the centre of attention, and a little light-headed from lack of sleep and food, but I suddenly became aware of Momo’s slitted, disapproving glances, and gently turned these invitations aside.

At last, when we were shown to our quarters and were alone, I summoned my courage. “I’m sorry I’ve offended you.”

He turned his beautiful, melancholy face to me. “Offended me?”

I could not look at him. “The kiss.” I shuffled my feet.

“Oh, that. That was nothing.”

Nothing? I lifted my eyes. “Then why are you so upset with me?”

He laughed. “Not everything revolves around you, Blessings, even though the fellows here seem to find you so fascinating.”

He had noticed, then.

“I was thinking about Mariam. What will become of her, alone in the palace, without me?”

Mariam. I had forgotten Mariam. “She’s been without you all these weeks,” I pointed out. “And she has her women.”

“She’s so young, so defenceless. She’ll be lonely: she doesn’t know anyone. I feel responsible for her. I’m her husband and I just … ran away.”

“Better to have run away than been beheaded,” I said, already impatient.

How quickly we take our lives for granted once the right order has been restored.


An epic saga of romance and redemption. Court of Lions brings one of the great turning points in history to life, through the stories of a modern woman and the last Moorish sultan of Granada.

Kate Fordham, escaping terrible trauma, has fled to the beautiful sunlit city of Granada, the ancient capital of the Moors in Spain, where she is scraping by with an unfulfilling job in a busy bar. One day in the glorious gardens of the Alhambra, once home to Sultan Abu Abdullah Mohammed, also known as Boabdil, Kate finds a scrap of paper hidden in one of the ancient walls. Upon it, in strange symbols, has been inscribed a message from another age. It has lain undiscovered since before the Fall of Granada in 1492, when the city was surrendered to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Born of love, in a time of danger and desperation, the fragment will be the catalyst that changes Kate’s life forever.

Court of Lions brings one of the great turning-points in history to life, telling the stories of a modern woman and the last Moorish sultan of Granada, as they both move towards their cataclysmic destinies.

Order your copy today ~

Thanks to Jane Johnson and the team at Head Of Zeus books for the opportunity to be on the tour.

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The Cornish Hotel @karen_king @AccentPress #Review #SneakPeek

Edinburgh Book Event (2).png

Today I am so happy to be on the blog tour for The Cornish Hotel by Karen King.  It is published today! Congratulations Karen on the big day!

KK Head and Shoulders

A member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, the Society of Authors and the Society of Women Writers and Journalists, Karen King writes sassy, fun, heart-warming romance. The Cornish Hotel by the Sea is her second chicklit for Accent Press, her first – I do?… or do I? was published last year and there is another one in the process of publication. In addition, Accent Press have republished her earlier romance novels, The Millionaire Plan and Never Say Forever.

Karen has also written several short stories for women’s magazine and had 120 children’s books published.

When she isn’t writing, Karen likes travelling, watching the ‘soaps’ and reading. Give her a good book and a box of chocolates and she thinks she’s in Heaven.


Sneak Peek 

The Cornish Hotel by the Sea

Ellie was determined to get Gwel Teg back into shape before Mum came out of hospital. And first stop was to check all the rooms and see what repairs needed doing. She didn’t want to give any of the other guests cause to complain. Bad reviews on TripAdvisor wouldn’t help gain more bookings.

Mandy wasn’t at the reception desk. Guessing she’d gone for a loo break, Ellie picked up a notebook and the set of master keys. As it was a sunny day she imagined that their guests would probably be out so she should be able to check all the rooms before the cleaners did their rounds.

She made her way around the first floor, most of the rooms were unoccupied. Before she entered the ones that were occupied, she checked that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ label wasn’t on the door then knocked loudly and called out before entering. Careful not to touch anything personal, she noted any repairs that needed doing. There were quite a few but they were mostly minor things that Harry could tackle. She was dismayed to see how dated and shabby the rooms looked though.

It looks like the whole hotel needs refurbishing, she thought as she made her way to the second floor.  

She hesitated outside Room 12. Had Reece Mitchell left yet? She really didn’t want another run-in with him. He might have been pleasant last night but her first impressions of him weren’t good and she definitely didn’t want a repeat performance.

She glanced at her watch. 10.45. Guests had to vacate the rooms by ten so he should be long gone. Even so, she banged on the door and listened intently just to be sure. Nope, there was no sound coming from the room. She unlocked the door and stepped inside. Glancing around, she immediately spotted that a couple of drawer handles were missing on the bedside cabinet, a plug socket was loose and the carpet was threadbare in one corner. Not good. It’s a wonder he hadn’t complained about that.

She made a note of them and starred them as urgent. She’d ask Harry to do them this afternoon, at least they wouldn’t cost anything. And perhaps she could find a small cupboard to put over the threadbare patch of carpet.

She looked over at the closed ensuite door.  She’d better check the shower too, and the one in the connecting room. Best to make sure they’d both been fixed before she booked anyone else into the room.

As she walked over to the ensuite the door handle turned. She stared at it, horrified. Oh heck – he wasn’t?

The door started to open.

She’d better get out of here. Fast.

But before she could move the door was thrust open and Reece Mitchell walked out, completely naked, rubbing his hair with a towel.

My Review 

I really enjoyed my time at The Cornish Hotel, with lady leading Ellie. I worked in a hotel many moons ago so I could relate to some of the tricky situations that arise at Gwel Teg. With an accompanying cast of stand-out characters that compliment the story well. I really felt this could be the basis of a series of books about Ellie and her life, therefore I didn’t need the five years section later.  What I would have loved/love is a follow-up book. There is of course much potential for my wish.

The writing style of Karen King is superb, it’s easy flowing nature captures us from page one. There is always something new occurring to keep our attention.  It was refreshing not to know the end of the book half way through, I really had no idea what would happen and it added more to the book for me.

The core of the story is trust and how fragile and important it is. Who we give it to and what they do with it. With an interwinding thread of family and love. This really is stonking great read that will leave you wanting more.

A well thought out story with unforgettable characters.  I may have checked out for now at The Cornish Hotel but I sure hope I will be able to spend time there again and catch up with Ellie and her friends.

I thoroughly recommend The Cornish Hotel By Karen King.

Kelly xo


Cornishhotelupdatedkindlecoverl - Copy

The Cornish Hotel by the Sea: Escape to Cornwall with this perfect summer read

“A feel-good summer escape.” Mandy Baggot

Ellie Truman’s widowed mum is struggling to keep Gwel Teg, the family hotel in Cornwall, afloat.  Ellie is determined to do everything in her power to help her, even if that means moving back to the sleepy Cornish village she fled from broken-hearted a few years ago.
Things go wrong from the start and she’s grateful for the help from hunky guest, Reece Mitchell. But does Reece have ulterior motives? Will Ellie’s efforts be for nothing?

Buy your copy today ~

Author links


Twitter: @karen_king

Karen King Romance Author Facebook Page

Karen King Young Adult Books Facebook Page



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*NEW LOOK COVER REVEAL* The Good Sister By Jess Ryder @jessryderauthor @bookouture ~ #bookblog

Hello Lovelies,

I have a super treat for you today, The Good Sister has had a revamp by Bookouture. What do you think? Let me know what your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

The great thing about it being a revamp is that you can buy the book today and start reading.

Kelly xo


Book Jacket 

There are two sides to every secret.

When her beloved father dies, Josie is devastated to uncover a secret life he has led with another family: another house, another woman and a half-sister, Valentina.

Born in the same week, in the same hospital, they look so physically alike they could be mistaken for twins. But the similarities end there…

Josie is sweet and reserved, a counsellor with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect life. Valentina is damaged and reckless, and she always gets what she wants.

But what she wants is Josie’s life, and she’ll stop at nothing until she has it.

To order your copy and for a sneak peek click the options below.


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Twitter #International #Giveaway @DavidVidecette #Goodies – The Theseus Paradox – The Detriment

Hello Lovelies,

A fabulous new week ahead for you all to have some adventure. I have something to start your week off right. Our #giveaway this week is brought to you in association with David Videcette.

David has very kindly given us a plethora of wonderful prizes for you to win.

  • 1st Edition ~ The Theseus Paradox
  • The Detriment
  • Signed Photos
  • Limited Edtion Pens

Super easy for you to enter, head over to our Twitter Page and follow the instructions on the pinned post.

Good Luck

Worldwide  ~ Ends 17/07/17

Kelly xo

If you want to buy your own copies or read a sneak peak sample of the books here you go ~

The Detriment 


The Theseus Paradox


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Rain Falls On Everyone ~ @clarnic @Legend_Press #SneakPeek

Today on the blog I have an excerpt of Rain Falls On Everyone by Clar Ni Chonghaile. Published on the 15th of July, 2017 by Legend Press.  I do hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

Kelly xox


Rain Falls On Everyone ~ Sneak Peek


Theo ran. Feet pounding, arms pumping, chest heaving, heart

racing. In this frenzy of motion, the only still thing was his

mind. He had to get away. That was the only goal: to put as

much distance as he could between him and the pebble-dashed

house where a man he knew little, but enough to hate, lay in

a pool of sticky, gold-flecked blood. He had to get away from

Deirdre’s terrified eyes, from her outstretched hands with

the grazed knuckles. He sped through the estate and out onto

the main road, his open anorak flapping behind him like the

clipped wings of a giant crow.

He didn’t stop until he was heading west on a country road.

He had covered miles, at first frantically and then steadily with

his long, loping stride. He stopped, bent, placed his hands on

his knees, and still his brain did not engage. He saw the road,

noted its silvery greyness, looked up to the half-moon and

then over the stone walls, across the fields. He registered the

absence of cars. No surprise there at 2 am on a minor road

leading out of Dublin. To his right, a two-storey house – a

relic from the austere Ireland of the 1950s – loomed like a

sentinel, marking the boundary between the sin-filled city and

the countryside, where legend had it, maidens once danced at

crossroads while boys played hurling without helmets.

He needed transport. It was his first clear thought since the

gun went off. He would never make it on foot. Deirdre might

not set the Gardaí on him right away but it’d surely happen.

He’d done her a favour, no doubt about that, but sometimes

people didn’t want favours. In those first, freeze-framed

moments after the sharp crack that marked the beginning and

the end, no one had moved, no one had said anything. Deirdre

was the first to react.

“Go, go now!” she hissed, grabbing a notebook and writing

furiously. “Go to my father. He will look after you until you

can get out.”

She pushed the paper into his hands. Did her fingers

flinch as they touched his? She had written her father’s

address, just a few lines of scribbled instructions, a list of

villages to pass through, a left and then a right down a lane.

A roadmap to oblivion. Before he left, he tried to read the

moral relativities in her eyes but he found only fear. It hurt

him then and the memory stung now but there would be time

for a reckoning later.

He checked his phone. The battery was nearly dead but

who would he call anyway? He clambered over the nearest

wall, dislodging the top stone in his wake. It clunked dully

onto his toes. He cursed, but in Kinyarwanda. The words had

the force of a Taser, freezing him to the spot. He hadn’t used

his own language in years. The last time was when he was

around sixteen and went to a meeting for African immigrants

in a church near his home in Clontarf. Teenage identity crisis,

he supposed. He never returned. Instead of feeling at one

with the other young men, who sat awkwardly on squeaking

plastic chairs in the echo-filled basement down below the

world, he felt more like an outsider than ever. The social

workers – a pudgy woman in a tracksuit and garish pink

lipstick and a man in the kind of jumper most of the young

black kids wouldn’t be seen dead in – were kind and well-
meaning and utterly clueless about what made the lads around

them tick. It wasn’t their fault. They were offering practical

solutions – language classes, dole forms, counselling services

– when what the young men wanted was someone to wave

a magic wand over their heads to make them the same as

everyone else. All teenagers need to comply with the pitiless

rules that govern their world and they were no different. But

because they were black, and had funny accents, and strange,

sometimes tragic, tales of foreign lands, they would never fit

in. The boys knew it but they didn’t get this far by respecting

the limits of the possible. The social workers, who might well

have had teenagers at home with their own hang-ups about

belonging, didn’t recognise that same desperation in the boys

around them, though it was in every snazzily trainered foot,

every awkwardly mumbled Dublin colloquialism, every too-
sharp haircut.


Book Jacket 

Theo, a young Rwandan boy fleeing his country’s genocide, arrives in Dublin, penniless, alone and afraid. Still haunted by a traumatic memory in which his father committed a murderous act of violence, he struggles to find his place in the foreign city.

Plagued by his past, Theo is gradually drawn deeper into the world of Dublin’s feared criminal gangs. But a chance encounter in a restaurant with Deirdre offers him a lifeline.

Theo and Deirdre’s tender friendship is however soon threatened by tragedy. Can they confront their addictions to carve a future out of the catastrophe that engulfs both their lives?

Order your copy today ~


Huge thanks to Clar Ni Chonghaile and Legend Press for the opportunity to be on the blog tour.

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CABARET ~ Coming to The Edinburgh Playhouse 14th-18th Nov 2017 @edinplayhouse #BookNow #Whatson

Cabaret 5367 Louise Redknapp as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, credit JIM MARKS - SML.jpg

FIRST LOOK photos of WILL YOUNG as the Emcee and LOUISE REDKNAPP as Sally Bowles have today been released, ahead of the UK tour of CABARET this autumn, opening at the New Wimbledon Theatre on Thursday 21 September 2017and playing theatres in Blackpool, Malvern, Cardiff, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Salford, Edinburgh, Bromley, Dublin and Brighton.

Internationally renowned singer/songwriter, Will Young, reprises his Olivier Award-nominated performance as the enigmatic Emcee alongside musician and presenter Louise Redknapp, who makes her stage debut as Sally Bowles in Rufus Norri’smulti-award winning production of CABARET. 

Cabaret 2017-6020 Will Young as the Emcee in Cabaret, credit JIM MARKS

 Ever since winning the inaugural series of Pop Idol in 2001, WILL YOUNG has been one of the UK’s most popular and successful music artists. He holds the record for the fastest selling debut single in British chart history, and has enjoyed a phenomenal career in music with four No1 albums, as well as acting alongside Dame Judi Dench in the film Mrs Henderson Presents. Will made his West End debut in Cabaret and will be reprising his award winning performance.

Cabaret 2017-5147 Louise Redknapp as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, credit JIM MARKS - SML

LOUISE REDKNAPP rose to fame as a member of the girl group Eternal. She left the band to carve out a successful solo career achieving an impressive twelve Top 20 singles, including the hits Naked and Stuck in the Middle and selling over 5 million records with 5 albums. Since then she has rarely left our television screens and most recently wowed the nation with her dancing skills finishing ‘runner up’ in the 2016 series of BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing.

 CABARET features show-stopping choreography, dazzling costumes and some of the most iconic songs in musical theatre including ‘Money Makes The World Go Round’‘Two Ladies’ ‘Maybe This Time’ and of course ‘Cabaret’. The production turns Weimar Berlin of 1931 into a sassy, sizzling haven of decadence, and at its dark heart is the legendary and notorious Emcee, who performs nightly at the infamous Kit Kat Klub.

 Since its Broadway premiere in 1966 and the famous movie version with Liza Minnelli and Oscar winner Joel Grey,CABARET has won a staggering number of stage and screen awards including 8 Oscar’s, 7 BAFTA’s and 13 Tony’s. Norris’ production has enjoyed two smash hit West End runs and has picked up 2 Olivier Awards.

 Rufus Norris is Director of the National Theatre and a multi-award winning theatre and opera director. For the National Theatre, he has directed The Threepenny Operawonder.landEverymanBehind the Beautiful ForeversThe Amen Corner, TableLondon Road (Critics Circle Award), Death and the King’s HorsemanMarket Boy. Other theatre includes Vernon God Little (Young Vic), Les Liasons Dangerouses (Broadway – five Tony Award nominations), Festen (West End and Broadway) The Country Girl (Apollo) and Afore Night Came at the Young Vic (Evening Standard Award). Film credits include London Road and Broken.

 Choreography is by the Olivier Award-winning Javier De Frutos. In 1990, he formed The Javier De Frutos Dance Company. His work includes The Hypochondriac Bird and Affliction of Loneliness. Recently he joined forces with Sadler’s Wells and The Pet Shop Boys to create a brand new dance work based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Most Incredible Thing.

 Cabaret will play at the New Wimbledon Theatre, Blackpool Opera House, Malvern Festival Theatre, Cardiff New Theatre, Leeds Grand Theatre, Milton Keynes Theatre, The Lowry in Salford, Edinburgh Playhouse, Churchill Theatre Bromley, Dublin’s Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and Brighton Theatre Royal.



Based on the play by JOHN VAN DRUTEN and Stories by CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD

For tickets and more information please visit ~ ATG Tickets

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The Wives Revenge @LHutchAuthor @Aria_Fiction #SneakPeek

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Today on the blog I have Lindsey Hutchinson with her book The Wives Revenge.  I have a wee sneak peak to tantalise your taste buds and leave you eager to find out what happens.

Lindsey Hutchinson

Lindsey Author Profile

Lindsey lives in Shropshire with her husband and dog, loves to read and has recently discovered photography. She is the daughter of million-copy bestselling author Meg Hutchinson.

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Facebook: Lindsey Hutchinson

The Wives Revenge ~ Sneak Peek Extract

On 20th June 1887 all children had been given a day off school in order to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, celebrating the fiftieth year of her accession to the throne.

Primrose Berry from up the street, the girl Violet Clancy hated with a vengeance, had come to play in Violet’s yard and had cornered the cat from next door in the backyard. The yard was a dumping ground for anything Violet’s mother, Kath, couldn’t find a home for but now Primrose was using it as her own arena. Primrose had the cat by the scruff of the neck and Violet knew its suffering was imminent. Picking up a small stick that lay nearby, Primrose stabbed it into the cat’s eye. With an ungodly screech, the cat took off with the stick poking from its eye socket.

Violet’s mother appeared on the back doorstep shouting, ‘What’s going on out here?’

Giving Violet a quick vindictive smile and before Violet could speak Primrose burst into tears and sobbed, ‘Violet hurt the cat!’

‘Bloody hell, Violet, what you done now?’ Kath Sligo was interrupted by a banging on the front door. Kath turned to answer the door. Primrose had a vindictive glint in her eye as she looked at the shocked girl in front of her.

Violet heard the neighbour’s voice, ‘Your bloody daughter has maimed my cat! I’ll have the coppers on you; you see if I don’t!’

The front door slammed and Kath reappeared on the back step. ‘Primrose, you get yourself off home now, wench.’

With an evil grin, Primrose tossed her golden ponytail in Violet’s direction, her blue eyes flashing a warning as she left via the side gate. Violet’s heart sank knowing she would be getting the blame for the beastly thing Primrose had done.

Kath was on her daughter before the gate had closed, grabbing her dark plaits and dragging her into the house. ‘Why? What makes you do such awful things?’ Kath threw Violet into a chair and stood over her daughter, with her arms crossed across her chest.

‘I didn’t do it, Mum!’ Violet wailed as she felt the slap sting her cheek.

‘Get to bed,’ Kath puffed, ‘and wait ‘til your father gets home!’

Defiance swelled in her as Violet slammed the door. ‘He’s not my father!’ she yelled back, taking the stairs two at a time. Lying on her bed, Violet resolved to run away if that man ever came into her room again.

Time passed as Violet lay on her bed in the tiny two-up, two-down house. Every couple of houses which lined both sides of Hobbins Street had an entry which led to a side gate at the back. The rows of houses all looked the same in the small town of Wednesbury, a layer of grime from the foundries and factories coating them all. The pall of smoke lay heavy in the air, giving the town a look and feel of being constantly in the shade. The houses had two rooms upstairs and a tiny living room and kitchen on the ground floor. Some had managed to put a lean-to scullery on the end of the kitchen. The lavatory was housed in a small brick building at the end of the yard.

Laying there on her bed, the aroma of cooking reached Violet’s nose. Her stomach growled but she knew there’d be no tea for her that night.

Violet waited, knowing he would be home soon. The man her mother had married not too long after her birth father had been killed in a cave-in at the Monway Colliery. Her dad, Harry Clancy, a gentle soul who would help anyone; his soft voice never raised in anger. He taught her from his books, history, geography – all the countries of the world; all the seas and rivers. He shared stories of mythical beasts in wondrous lands.

Violet remembered the warm summer nights sitting on the back doorstep with her father pointing out the stars. The Plough, he would tell her, and, look, there Orion’s Belt. She recalled, when she was small, the time they played cowboys and Indians and her father had used her mum’s rouge to paint his face. Violet smiled as she also remembered the scolding he’d received from her mother for wasting good cosmetics.

Violet’s thoughts wandered freely down memory lane as a picture of her father formed in her mind. Harry was always smiling. No matter the trials and tribulations he had to face, the ever-present grin never diminished. Coming home from the coal pit covered from head to toe in coal dust, he would smile as he saw his little girl. White teeth shone from his blackened face and he would chatter away to his daughter while Kath heated pans of water for his wash down. Her dad, who she missed dreadfully. Silent tears ran down her cheeks as she wished him back with her once more.

Book Jacket 

A gritty tale of triumph over hardship, and justice for the downtrodden. Lindsey Hutchinson returns with another Black Country saga perfect for fans of Josephine Cox.

Violet Clancy can take no more of her violent stepfather’s attentions, so when he meets a tragic end she feels justice has been done. Looking around the bleak and pitiless Black Country town of Wednesbury, she realises that there are many other wrongs that she could help to put right.

Joining a coterie of women who call themselves The Wednesbury Wives, Violet and her friends soon set about winning justice for the abused and trying to make life a little easier for those for whom grinding poverty is every day.

But even in the hardest lives, some light must shine, and before long the wives find laughter and romance in their close-knit town. But will their friendships survive when some of their good deeds are brought into doubt, and some of their methods are called into question? And is justice always worth it, no matter what the price?

If you wish to continue reading, you can order your kindle copy today

Huge thanks to Aria Fiction and Lindsey Hutchinson for being on my blog today.

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The Brazilian @Rosiemillard @Legend_Press #Sneak Peek

The Brazilian By Rosie Millard
Published By: Legend Press 14/06/2017
Blog: Kelly L 

rosie millard author pic

Rosie Millard is a freelance journalist and writer. She was
BBC Arts Correspondent for ten years, and has been a profile
writer for The Sunday Times, columnist for The Independent,
arts editor and theatre critic for The New Statesman.
She is Chair, Hull UK City of Culture 2017.
The Brazilian is a sequel to her first novel The Square,
“a waspish portrait shot through with wit and insight”,
published by Legend Press in 2015. She has also written The
Tastemakers (2001), an exploration of how the UK fell in love
with contemporary art, and Bonnes Vacances (2011), a comic
memoir set in the French Overseas Departments.
She has four children, runs marathons and lives in central
Visit Rosie at
or on Twitter

brazilian covershot

Following a sensational scandal at one of London’s most desired postcodes, Jane and Patrick decide to escape the gossip with a family holiday to Ibiza, their eight-year-old son George in tow.

Also on the island that week is a TV reality show involving an eccentric artist, a horny It Girl, a Brazilian footballer and a famous magician.

As hapless celebrities are picked off one by one, Jane is desperate to be on the programme, leaving childcare in the not so capable hands of a teenager.

One lesbian escapade and an explosive row over hair removal later, the contestants of Ibiza or Bust leave the island with more than sand in places they never knew existed…

Sneak Peak of Chapter One 

Chapter One

Jane is lying on her back. The beautician in Love Your Body asks her to make a number four shape with her right leg. She is naked from the waist down, save for a pair of paper
knickers. Soft pipe music plays hauntingly around the tiny room. There is a bowl of hot wax bubbling in the corner. The beautician looks at her enquiringly, her raised eyebrows
suggesting, briefly, that Jane needs to make her mind up. Should it be a Hollywood? Totally hairless? She’s got a new swimsuit. She envisages the horror of looking down and
seeing a single corkscrewed hair jutting up at her. However, the thought of a completely naked pubic triangle makes her feel queasy. No, it must be the usual. “Yeah, a Brazilian,
please,” says Jane.

“Going on holiday are we?” says the beautician, as she smooths the wax over Jane’s groin with a large wooden spatula and pats the brown viscous gloop down. Jane tenses herself for the moment. Thinking about it is always far worse
than the actual experience, but she can’t help seizing up. “Yes, yes I am, I mean, we are, huoooo…” she says, half-squeaking and sighing as the beautician swiftly rips off a wide strip of cooled wax with an expert hand. The hairs rip out of the skin, each pulled out from its root. “Ibiza,” she manages to tell her white-coated torturer. The beautician puts her hand over the red, naked area.

“It’s in the Med, you know, just below Spain. One of the Balearics. Next to Majorca and Menorca.” The beautician pastes more hot wax onto this most soft, tender skin. She
smooths it down and then once again, scorchingly rips it from the tender flesh, putting her hand down on the angry area. “Oh, I know where Ibiza is,” says the beautician. “Now, put your other knee across, love.” One side of Jane’s groin is now bright red, speckled with small raised spots. She thinks about the beautician. Smearing wax all over the pubic region of other women and then ripping it away. All in a day’s work. Jane doesn’t know how she can bear it. Yet it is addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop. Furthermore, she loves the complicity of the room, its quiet intimacy untroubled by text messages or Wi-Fi. She wonders how many women come in here a day. The beautician knows there is a particular person who gets waxing done. This is the fourteenth client she has waxed
this morning. She sometimes looks at women on the bus and wonders which of them voluntarily undergoes it. What style they go for. She can usually tell. “My oldest son is going there too this summer, what a coincidence,” she continues nonchalantly. Jane isn’t very interested in where the beautician’s son is going on holiday. She wants her time here to be wholly about her. She focuses on her holiday. Ibiza. Hot. Delicious. Always sunny, no mosquitos, still fashionable, yet, not too trendy. So no need to bother about all those silly nightclubs and digitally streamed music by bands and singers of whom she has never heard. “Did ya want your bottom done?” says the beautician. “Roll over then and hold your cheeks open.” She lies face down on the bed and obeys the instructions. The paper knickers have a G-string at the back. Why bother, thinks Jane. Life is rather tiresome at the moment. Jane is living out of  suitcases, away from her large London house where she and her husband Patrick have lived for, oh, ages. She can’t even
remember when they moved in. Feels like years. It’s being  redecorated from top to bottom after a burst tank connected to the water main drilled down through each of the four storeys.  They had to move out into a rented flat in a much less smarter
area, around the corner. Jane dislikes the arrangement. So much so that she has
started to deliberately keep herself busy. She peppers each day with a series of treats. Coffee with friends, lunch with better friends, cinema trips. Self-improving appointments. Chiropodist, hair, waxing, mani/pedi, GP, opticians (eventhough she doesn’t need glasses). Shopping. Anything to get out of the flat. There’s so many opportunities to make life nicer, thinks Jane. “Right, that’s it. I’ll leave you to get dressed. Here’s some cream to put on if you like. I’ll see you by the reception outside,” says the beautician. She goes out of the room and shuts the door quietly. The music continues to tinkle. Jane eases off the bed, swings her legs round, forces herself to inspect the poor, erased skin. Once it has calmed down, turned into an approximation of marble with a single strip of hair, she’ll appreciate it. Even if Patrick doesn’t. She’s been doing
this for so long she can’t even remember when she started, or even why. She just knows it is something women of her age and class should do.

Order your copy to find out what happens ~

Thank you to Rosie Millard and Legend Press for the Sneak Peak content.

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